Crew Search - ARC 2006

I am looking for a crewmate to join me in this years ARC(Atlantic Rally for cruisers) . I am looking for a crew mate who has over 1000 sea miles experience in offshore racing or cruising. The ideal candidate has experience as a skipper, short handed team racing or experience as a watch lead on a larger racing boat. We are going to be sailing short handed across the Atlantic. The ARC will take us from Las Palmas, Grande Canaria to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. You need to be with the boat in LP between the 15th to the 19th of November. The rally starts on the 26th and the week running up to the start, we will be participating in things like lectures, ARC events, preparing the boat and provisioning for the crossing. You should have ocean experience and sailed with a yacht over a 5 day passage. This implies you have experience of both sailing and keeping a watch at night plus experience with 24 hour sailing, watch rotations, and navigation. The voyage should take 24 to 30 days. What is essential is you must be able to handle a 30 foot (10M) sloop single-handed. This is to ensure an overlap with the skipper. We will be sailing shorthanded with single handed watches. We also have on board a third crew member who will be acting as ship's Doctor and Cook. The main task of sailing the boat will go to the skipper and mate. There is more information about me and the boat in the introduction bellow. If you are interested please contact me via email or phone. All expenses are covered for the duration of the rally except for food. You will also have to cover any air fare to and from the event. My contact details are below.

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