Welcome to Boatdiary. I've put this website together for friends and acquaintances who want to keep track of my voyage from London to Vancouver. Late in 2002 I decided I was going to leave work and take a year out to sail a sea. This quickly expanded into buying a boat and actually attempting the journey all the way from London England to Vancouver Canada. I am about mid way through a 4 year voyage. I am not able to update the site regularly but I am keeping a weekly position report which can be accessed on the home page by simply clicking on the map. In a way this is the journing of Compromise, my boat. To learn a little about her click here. If you are wonder about the lead in picture, I just put a Canadian Flag on her for fun. We are sailing under the Red Enseign. The site is simply laid out and relies a lot in 2004 on back keys and from 2005 previous and next html links for navigation. Some of the main picuters have hot links as well so keep and eye out for those. Sorry I'm not an HTML wiz yet. The diary pages can be accessed by simply clicking on the links bellow. Here is an old picture of the skipper in Skibereen County Cork. The next picture is me with long hair, last summer in Valencia. The picture above is a self portrait taken in Porto de La Luz, Los Palmas Gran Canaria. You see this voyaging lark can change a man! I hope you enjoy the site.

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